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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Introduce Banda Aceh and Sabang

Explore and Introduce Banda Aceh and Sabang to Taiwanese Friends
By: Denni Kurniawan

Photo by: Denni

In winter vacations, most of ICA member go back to our hometown and enjoy the vacations. At the same time, several friends from Taiwan also come to Indonesia to enjoy the vacations. On this winter vacations, Rita, Vicky, Marissa & Shierly come to our hometown in Aceh, Indonesia. Therefore we thing that it’s important to accompany them while in Indonesia, and introduce culture and also the tourism attractions.

Actually this place is well known as one of the best place to do snorkeling and diving activity in Indonesia. A lot of foreigners come to this island every year. However, in our trip we found that several improvements need to be done to attract more tourists, such as the facilities, services and also the advertisement. To help Sabang government, we try to make a tourism video clip for Sabang tourism advertisement. We record all of our activities in this island and then Taiwanese friends make explanations in Mandarin. Mr Ali taufik, who responsible in tourism bureau in Sabang said that later our video will be used as one of official tourism advertisement in Sabang. Hopefully this effort can attract more tourists, especially from Taiwan.
Photo by: Denni

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