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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Indonesian Cultural Exhibition 2011

Attend Indonesian Cultural Exhibition, NTUST
By: Denni Kurniawan

Photo by: HendriA

Indonesian Cultural Exhibition (ICE) is annual activity for Indonesian Students in National Taiwan University Science and Technology (NTUST). In this university, more than 100 students come from Indonesia. Some students are in exchange program and double degree program.

This activity was held by Indonesian Students Association in NTUST (PPI NTUST), an organization for Indonesian Students in Taiwan, for 3 days.

Photo by: HendriA

At closing ceremony, all cultures in Indonesia will get performed by all Indonesian students in NTUST. In ICE 2011, PPI students perform traditional dance from Aceh, Padang, Batak, Borneo, Java, Makasar, and Papua.

This activity gets very good respond from NTUST students and also foreigners around Taipei. Around hundreds guess came to the closing ceremony to see Indonesian culture while they are in Taiwan. Many gift and also an iPod from ICE Committee to participants also stimulate many guess to come to this activity.

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