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Halal Food and Restaurant

All information of Halal Restaurant  collected from many resources. If you found halal restaurant or halal food supplier that is not on our list, please inform us. Just give comment below or just send your information to our email: 

Please click the link of Halal  Restaurant (below).


  1. assalamualaikum...
    i'm going to Taichung this coming Sunday for business trip. My mom will accompany me.
    Any suggestion for Halal restaurant around Taichung? I'll be staying in Splendor Hotel.

    1. Assalamualaikum. Here is the address in Taichung
      1 . Anatolia Turkish Restaurant (Halal)
      Latitude : 24° 9'5.30"N
      Longitude: 120°39'14.22"E
      2 . Mr.India_Halal Indian Restaurant (Halal)
      Latitude : 24° 9'27.90"N
      Longitude: 120°39'26.80"E
      3. Taichung Masjid
      Latitude : 24° 8'10.14"N
      Longitude: 120°38'57.55"E

    2. wa'alaikumsalam,

      So sorry for late response for the questions. And also thank you very much for the information about Halal restaurant in Taichung.


  2. To eat halal food is very important in islam the quran has defined the difference between halal and haraam so we should have to eat halal
    halal food new york.

    1. Absolutely agree with you brother. May Allah protect all of us from the haram food.

    2. i slam allowed the meat of christians and jewish bro

  3. Hi,

    I would like to check if there are any updates on the Halal restuarants in Taipei. I will be bringing some students to Taipei from 21st November to 25th November. Would appreciate if you have more updates on Halal restaurants in places like Shih Lin etc. Thank you!

    1. Hallo,

      Sorry for late reply your question. We don't have any update for halal restaurant around Taipei and we are not sure about any halal restaurant around Shih Lin.

      However, if you go by public transport, I think it's easy for you to go to find halal restaurant that near by MRT station. Maybe you can go to Enjoy kitchen, Toko Sakura (just beside Cultural Mosqe), and also halal restaurant nearby Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall.

      For Enjoy kitchen, you can take exit 4 Taipower building station and walk around 200 meters. Toko Sakura, you can take exit 1 Taipower building station and the restaurant around 50 meters from the station. For Halal restaurant nearby Sun Yat Sen memorial Hall station, just take exit 1 and you can enter alleyway on the left and walk around 100 meters.

  4. Asslmkmwrwb,

    Is there a list of halal food vendors and restaurants in Taipei? Our family is moving to Taipei this year insya Allah, so we need every info regarding muslims guide to living in Taipei. Jazakallah khair.

  5. Hi. Can I get a list of halal restaurants/food in taipei? My email is Thank you!

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  7. Salam

    I am going to Taipei (4-10 March 2015) and staying at Four Points in Zhonghe, any halal food within walking distance of this hotel? Please advise.

  8. Salam

    I will be visiting Taipei for the 1st time on 4-9 Nov 15. Is there any halal street food at the Night Market that you can recommend. Hope to hear from you.


    1. Salam,

      You can visit Taipei Grand Mosque and there's halal restaurant next to Masjid. And if you want to explore others Halal Restaurant, just visit the other page from the blog

  9. Salam,

    A group of 15 people will be visiting Taiwan for training. Specific area Taipei, Taichung, Koahsiung. Kindly provide me with a list of Hotel which provide halal food for those places. Thanks in advance.

  10. salam,
    now I am staying in Le Midi Hotel Jung Li.
    Could everyone advise where can i get halal food or restauran.
    Thank You.


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  13. I'm going to Taichung on September for study trip.
    Any suggestion for Halal restaurant around Taichung? I'll be staying in Ximen WOW Hotel.


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