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Masjid in Taiwan

A. Masjid In Taipei

1. Taipei Grand Mosque

There are two main mosque in Taipei and used as central Muslim activities. Most of brothers and sisters call this mosque as Grand Mosque and Small Mosque. The Grand Mosque location is clearly visible from the wide open space of Taipei’s Daan Park. This mosque was established 1950’s as result of collaboration Taiwanese and Saudi governments, as well as other Muslim nations.

Photo by: HendriA

Address No 62, section 2, Shinsheng S. Rd, Taipei
Office Phone +886(02)2321-9445
Fax +886 (02) 2393-5283
How to go Take bus from Taipei Main Station. Bus no 18 (25 minutes), bus no 671 (22 minutes), or bus no 643 (20 minutes)

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2. Taipei Cultural Mosque

Photo by: HendriA

Taipei Cultural Mosque originally established around 1940. At that time members met in a Japanese‐style residence until urban expansion and increased attendance precipitated a move to the Mosque’s present location. Founder, Akhond Hsiao set up the Mosque as a non‐profit organization so it could be a place of worship for all Muslims. This Mosque board decided to put a later endowment from the Muslim world. A five storey building designed by architect Mo‐Chun Huang in accordance with Islamic tradition, denoted by five storey building. That building was completed in 1984 and currently houses the Mosque.

Address No 3 Lane 25 Sec 1 Hsin-hi Rd, Taipei
Office Phone +886 (02) 2367-5421
Fax +886 (02) 2365-2094
Website -
How to go From Taipei Main Station takes MRT to Taipower building, and then takes exit 1.

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Longgang Mosque

Photo by: HendriA

Longgang Mosque was established in 1964 and locates in Taoyuan County with land and building funds collected by CMA. There are many activities from local people and also Muslim students and workers in this mosque, especially in Friday and weekends. For every Friday, more than 150 people will gather in this mosque to pray and do transaction for halal food. This mosque also surround by many halal restaurants, which  all of the restaurant is owned by Muslim brothers and sisters.

Address Peach Co.216, Lungdwrg Rd., Jungli City, Taoyuan, Taoyuan.
台灣Taoyuan County Jhongli City 桃鄉道216 號
Office Phone +886 (03) 456-1234
Fax -
Website -
How to go From Jhongli Bus stations take Bus number 112 and the trip takes around 25 minutes.

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Taichung Mosque

Photo by: Jhony
Members of the Taichung Mosque have been meeting in the residence of an elder of the faith since they followed the Nationalist government to Taiwan in 1949. Following a visit by the Saudi transportation minister in 1975, who found the Taichung Mosque to be in disrepair, funds were provided to the CMA for the joint establishment of the new Mosque building. During Construction, it received adamant praise from visiting CMA officials, the former Saudi Ambassador‐to‐Taiwan, Maldivian Justice Minister, and other visiting VIPs. The current Mosque was completed in 1990, and is the new bastion of Muslim faith in Central Taiwan.

Address No.475, DàDun South Rd. Nantun Distric, 408, Taichung
Office Phone +886(04)2473-25192
Fax +886 (04) 2471-3383
Website -
How to go Take bus from Taichung Train Station. Bus no 85 (26 minutes), bus no 40 (29 minutes), & bus no 30 (29 minutes)

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Tainan Mosque

Photo by: Denni

Before the establishment of the Tainan Mosque, local Muslims had to travel to Kaohsiung to attend mosque activities. A local Muslim living in the U.S. donated land for the construction of the mosque, and asked the Kaohsiung Mosque to collect donations for costs. Completed in 1996, the four‐story building holds a shop, meeting room, men and women's wash rooms, prayer hall, and office, allowing more convenient worship for Muslims in the nearby Chiayi and Tainan cities and counties.

Address No 12, Alley 34, Lane 34, Sec 3, Chung-Hwa E. Rd.,Dong District, Tainan City
Office Phone +886(06)288-1429
Fax +886(06)267-3971
Website -
How to go Take Bus from Tainan Train Station: Bus no 7660 (21 minutes), Bus no 7661 (21 minutes), & Bus no 9020 (21 minutes).

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Kaohsiung Mosque

Photo by: HendriA

The Kaohsiung Mosque was also established in 1949 by Muslims who followed the Nationalist government to Taiwan. It is the second mosque which established in Taiwan. In order to service increasing number of local Muslim, the Kaohsiung Mosque moved into a larger, more modem, and better equipped building in 1992. With the aid of Allah, local Muslims can now devote themselves whole‐heartedly to the expansion of Islam in Taiwan. Just beside of this mosque, there are several halal restaurant and own by Muslim brother and sisters. The location of this mosque is very easy to achieve by Kaohsiung bus and also Kaohsiung MRT.

Address No 11, Jianjiun Rd, Kaohsiung
Office Phone +886(07)749-6812
Fax +886 (07) 749-4710
Website -
How to go Take MRT to Weiwuying Station, and take a walk less than 5 minutes in Jianjun Rd or take bus no 88 infront of Kaohsiung Train Stations (25 minutes)

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