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About ICA

Introduction of ICA 

by Denni Kurniawan*

Welcome to Islam and Culture Association (ICA) blog. ICA is an club association in Chung Hua University (CHU), Hsinchu, Taiwan. For more information about Chung Hua University, you can visit

Islam and Culture Association is one of an association in CHU, and was founded in 6 January 2010 in CHU. The aim of this club association is to gather Muslim students in CHU and introduce about Islam and the culture to Taiwanese friends in CHU and Taiwan.

Since Muslim in Taiwan is minorities, sometimes need hard work to get information about Islam in Taiwan. This association also try to collect all information about Islam in Taiwan, such as the location Mosque, location of Halal Restaurant, etc; and then spread them so makes things easy.

In addition to introduce about Islam culture, ICA also can be a place to introduce the culture of their members home country to Taiwanese friends. ICA's members come from several country, such as Indonesia, Jordan, and Gambia. It's often for ICA members to join culture activity or performs traditional dance, such traditional dance from Aceh, Indonesia.

The last but not least, ICA club association also can be place of their members to overcome the stress or boredom of study. And it's often ICA club association manage a trip go around Taiwan or learn Taiwanese culture or history. In addition to overcome the stress, this activity also is believed can strengthen and unite ICA members.

To find out more about ICA and our activities, please go deeper inside this blog. :)

*Denni Kurniawan is the first President of Islam and Culture Association Club - Chung Hua University


  1. Salam,saw your blog by co-incident.
    Any suggestion for a solo female backpackers?

    1. Wa'alaikumsalam. Do you mean interesting place to visit? Many interesting place in Taiwan, especially during summer vacation. Maybe you can check several website such as:; or

  2. Assalamu'alaikum wr wb. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog. May I know of a good Muslim travel agency in Taipei ? Thank you.

  3. Assalaamu Alikum, May i request our brothers to guid me with contacts of a mosque where i can perform my itekaf ritual this year, I am scheduled to be in Taiwan from 19-25 June 2016. Appreciate your support. my email is

  4. assalammuálaikum wr wb.
    Brother, could you please advise any mosque for internship program for student of Ma'had Tafizhul Qurán (School for Memorizing Qurän) The students could serve as imam for sholat fardhu, cleaning srevice and teachers in memorizing and reading AL Qurán.
    Thank you in advace.