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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Visit Tainan Mosque

Visit Tainan Mosque and Jum’ah Pray
By: Denni Kurniawan

Photo by: Denni

There are six great Mosques around Taiwan. But all of ICA students never been toTainan Mosque before. That’s why in this break semester vacations, several of ICA members want to see the Tainan Mosque and meet others brothers Muslim around Tainan. Actually, the place of this Mosque is not really far from Tainan downtown. But because of lack of information, makes us a little bit difficult to find this Mosque. Fortunately we know several Indonesian Students around Tainan, and then we went together to Friday Pray. We went to the Mosque by taxi, and takes around NT$ 200.

Photo by: Denni

After the pray, we have a little discussion with other Muslim inside mosque. Actually, the situation in this Mosque is a little bit different compare with another Great Mosque around Taiwan. In other Mosque, usually the community will gather and eat together around the Mosque. But, maybe because there are no Muslim communities around Tainan Mosque, makes difficult to hold the similar activities. But that’s ok. At least we can Pray Jum’ah together with Muslims around Tainan.

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  1. asalaamu alikum
    I am student of Wufeng university in Chiayi from India n i am searching a mosque for prayer near to me and i cannot able to find so pls help me
    n if i want to come to your mosque so how can i do it please guide me , I cannot able to speak Chinese and Taiwanese