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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Shihmen Reservoir and Cihu Sausoleum

Explore Shihmen Reservoir and Cihu Sausoleum
By: Denni Kurniawan

The purpose of this activity is to explore Shihmen Reservoir and Cihu Sausoleum, Taoyuan County.

Photo by: HendriA

It's our schedule:

6.00 am Depart from CHU campus to Hsinchu Train Stations
7.30 am Take train to Jhongli Train Station
8.00 am Gather with another Indonesian group in Jhongli Bus Station
8.45 am Take Taiwan Tourism bus go Taoyuan
11.00 am Arrive in Shihmen Reservoir and get lunch
11.00 – 2 pm Explore around Shihmen Reservoir
2. 30 pm Take bus to go to Cihu Sausoleum
2.30 – 4 pm Explore around Cihu Sausoleum
4.30 pm Go back to Jhongli bus stations
5.30 pm Go back to Hsinchu

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