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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Radio Broadcasting Training

Participate on Formmit Training: Hands‐on Radio Broadcasting in CHU
By Denni Kurniawan

Photo by: HendriA

The Hands‐on Radio Broadcasting activity in CHU was held by Formmit, an Indonesian Muslim Students Forum in Taiwan. This event also collaboration program between Formmit and RRI, where the participants get more knowledge about how to manage and work in a radio stations. Then the participants also taught how to make money from radio business, also how to use latest technology to improve the work in radio stations. At the end of the activity, participants was trained how to be a good presenter and how to be a good reporter. Then one of participants was choose by moderator and get task to present an issue. 
Even though this event was formal event, but the committee can make all participants relaxed and enjoy all of the session. This event was attended by around 50 students and Indonesian workers around Taiwan. An Radio for Indonesian students and workers also established in this event, and called as Radio Perantau Taiwan.

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