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Saturday, April 14, 2012

National Chiao Tung University Anniversary

by Denni Kurniawan

On April 14, 2012, several of ICA members went to the national chiao tung university (NCTU) to celebrate the anniversary of university. In the early morning, ICA member (Okta, Omar, Desi, and Munira) took the first bus to NCTU. After arrived in NCTU, our colleague join with Muslim Student Club (MSC) and the celebration was conducted outside of NCTU library.

The celebration was very successful. Team have also attend the job fair for graduate students, in which applications were done by few of the group members. Many big company participated in this job fair, such as IBM, Foxconn, Everlight and many companies located in Hsinchu science park. We also cooked halal food together with other Taiwanese friends and shared the happiness in that beautiful day.. ^^

Photo by Okta Handipa

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