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Saturday, April 28, 2012

ICA Presidential Election

by Omar A.J. Saho

Islam and Culture Association of Chung Hua University(ICA-CHU), have done its anuual election for the management of the club, for the acamedic year 2012/13. notably the changes were for the Presidential and Vice-President positions which are filled by new members. They are bestowed with the responsibilties to uphold the integrity of the club by being role models and as well embarking on activites to aspired others and advance the club to a higher level.

For the election, Mohammad Jamal was elected as the President of the club, while Omar A.J Saho was elected as the Vice-President. The election was free and fair as members of ICA openly chose those that think can serve club for a better future, morally, academically and volunteerly. “It was conducted in a very successful way”.

Photo by Denni Kurniawan

Photo by Denni Kurniawan

Photo by Denni Kurniawan

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