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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meeting with E‐Mate Students in NTHU

Meeting with E‐Mate Students in NTHU
by Denni Kurniawan

E‐Mate is a name for collaboration volunteering program between National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in Aceh and community university in Aceh, Indonesia. The first program was establishing since 2004 and then become an annual program for international volunteer projects in Student Affair Division
The program focusing on IT development and Open Source. In Aceh, E‐Mate volunteer also has several collaboration programs between NGO, local university in Aceh (Syiah Kuala University and Gajah Putih), minorities group, and also cultural bureaus in Aceh and Taiwan.

On 9th March 2010, it’s the first time ICA members from Indonesia meet E‐Mate volunteers. It was a very good opportunity for us, to make network while study in Taiwan. On this meeting, ICA members also gave several suggestions about what is needed by the people in Aceh, and also about the schedule for the next volunteer program. Another suggestion from ICA members, such as: 1) Partners in Aceh, 2) Proposals for activity, 3) Ideas about accommodation and transportation while in Aceh, and 4) Try to organize Indonesian Language training to NTHU students.

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