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Monday, March 8, 2010

Meeting with Bamboo Community University Association (BCUA)

Meeting with Bamboo Community University Association (BCUA)
by Denni Kurniawan

Bamboo Community University Association (BCUA) is a NGO in Taiwan which have coordination with university in Aceh, Indonesia. In Aceh, some people get information about scholarship and education program in Taiwan through BCUA.
In this meeting, we discuss several problem faces by Acehnese students in CHU with purpose to get input from BCUA to solve the problem.
In this meeting, BCUA also asked ICA members to come to NTHU on 9th March 2010 to help a volunteering program which will be held in our hometown, Aceh. Maybe we also can give input about the program and also introduced a little bit about our culture. Since ICA students are among the first Acehnese group in Taiwan, and
know better the situation, we have to help them to fulfill their noble purpose. BCUA also discuss about the possibility for them to joint our activity to visit Mosque in Taiwan. That’s why for the next Jum’ah Pray, 12 March 2010, several BCUA members will join our trip to visit Longgang Mosque.

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