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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Opening Ceremony ICA Club

Opening Ceremony ICA Club by Dean of Student Affair CHU 
by Denni Kurniawan

The 6th January 2010 is most important date and the official date for ICA club association established in CHU. The inauguration ceremony of ICA club association was attended by Prof Chang‐Huang Gou, Dean of Students Affair CHU and also Mrs. Silvia from student activity office.

The ceremony was simple but solemn. Prof Chang‐Huang Gou is very important person in CHU, but he also very friendly with all ICA members. We also discuss about many things, such as Indonesian students problem while in Taiwan, and also informal things. The celebration was held in Yummy Café and at lunch hours. It’s very happy to taste seafood and vegetarian pizza. Everyone very happy in this celebration. Welcome to CHU big family.

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