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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halal Food and Delivery Order

by Denni Kurniawan

Several stores and restaurants in Taiwan provide service to deliver the halal foods or meat to customers through many ways. Delivering through post office or convenient store (7-11) are among the methods to make people getting halal food more easy. However, additional cost will be charge for the shipping cost. First, please contact the supplier as below, and make the agreement with them. All agreement between customers and suppliers are beyond our responsibility.

1. Wati Halal Food
(Provides Halal Food, Meat, Chicken, Lamb). The restaurant is around Taoyuan district and not far from Longgang Mosque, Jhongli. Just call their phones to order the food and meat.
H: 886 (03) 437-8391
C: 886 (0) 987-132-006

2. Alfath Halal Food
(Provide Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Bakso, Pempek). All of the menu can be ordered from their Facebook, Line, Sms, Whatsapp or just call their cellphone number. The payment can be transfer from bank, Taiwan post, or Kua Hao pos. Supplier place is in Tainan district and for more detail information just visit their Facebook page.
C: 886 (0) 9364 - 54095
C: 886 (0) 9764 - 15917

3. Casablanca
The food can be ordered via restaurant phone number 886(0)9359-43961. And the menu can be seen on their Facebook pages:

4. Dinner Ummi Azizi 
The food can be ordered by owner of restaurant by contact directly to their cellphone number: 886(0)989595453 and 886(0)975510354. 

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