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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ke-ya River Biking Tour

Ke-ya River Eco Biking Tour
By: Denni Kurniawan

Hsinchu is one of big city in Taiwan and popular with collection of building for research and high tech company called as Scince park. However most of the people don’t know one the bad impact of Hsinchu science park area for human and nature.

Photo by: NickLee

On April 30th 2011, ICA club association, International volunteer group and Bamboo community make a research to see the impact of this issue. We followed one of the rivers in Hsinchu city, called as Ke-ya river. We tried to observe the physical changes along the river, from upstream to downstream of the river. 

On this research and observation, we used bicycle which lend by the department of hospitality and management. After the entire group members gather in Student Activity Center, then the group was divided in to 2 groups, we called group A and B. For group A, tried to find the impact of the manufacture In downstream of the rivers, while group B make the observation in upstream of the rivers.
Photo by: NickLee

From the observation, we can see clearly the physical difference between the rivers before unite with the sewer from Hsinchu science park and after. We also asked to the local people everything related to the Ke Ya river. In the observation, we also find out that several of people around the river used the water from Ke Ya river as their irrigation. Surely this is could produce the bad impact of the human that consume those food. After the observation, we went back to school and discussed the result of our observations. This activity gives us a very valuable experience about the impact of industrialization and also the importance of the nature and ecosystem for us.

Photo by: NickLee

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