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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Joint Meeting about Volunteering Program in Padang

Joint Meeting about Volunteering Program in Padang, Indonesia
By: Denni Kurniawan

In this meeting, ICA’s members meet CHU students who will visit Padang, Indonesia for volunteering program. It’s good to know each other and to learn about difference about culture between Indonesia and Taiwan. Learn how to present and give opinion about something. For example, students have to give their opinion about what you want for birthday, person to eat dinner together, and also the global issue which you care about. 

Students also watch together a short independence film about Aceh, which was made by E‐Mate students when they did volunteering program in Indonesia. CHU volunteer also give their opinion about this film and also they have to give opinion about Padang, Indonesia. In this meeting, CHU students should give their opinion in English. Because it’s importance to learn communicate in English before go abroad.

The volunteer will go to Indonesia around third week of July 2011. From April to beginning of July, ICA members will help all participants to prepare everything. So, the all volunteers can get more information and learn many things before go to Padang, Indonesia. Hopefully this event will succeed and strengthen the friendship of two countries.


  1. bang Cheril, please contact the committee for more information about the program(Bamboo Community) ..:)