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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Taichung River Tour

Taichung River Tour
By Denni Kurniawan

There are four objective of this activity:
- To know more about NGO in Taiwan and Indonesia
- Learning history of Wufeng
- Visit 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan
- Explore Wu River, Attabu Irrigation System

In this activity we learn about Wufeng history and also about Irrigation system around Wu River. We used bus to see the irrigation system, and Prof Shu Liao always gives very good explanation about the irrigation system. After that we visit a school, which is historic building related to very big scale earthquake in Taiwan. This school then called as 921 Earthquake museums, and left as the key witness about what happened on that day. 
Earthquake tragedy also happened in our hometown, Aceh, Indonesia. But the difference, in our hometown, most of the evidence about earthquake already gone. It’s replaced by a new building or monument to memorize the tragedy. After visited 921 Earthquake museums, we went to wine factory and see how the wine processed from paddy. Here, visitors also can buy merchandise related to their product. At the end of the fieldtrip, we
discuss and give our opinion about the trip.

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