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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Visit E‐Mate Friends

Visit E‐Mate Friends and Celebrate NTHU Anniversary
by Denni Kurniawan

E‐Mate students from National Tsing Hua University are a partner from ICA club for volunteer activity in Indonesia. Several times they came to Indonesia for this activity, but 2010 is the first time ICA member from Indonesia collaborate and help their activity.
In NTHU Birthday Anniversary, on 25th April 2010, E‐Mate group participated to promote their activity in one of the booths in the bazaar. To attract the people, they also sell several merchandise and also food from Indonesia. ICA members also joint them in this event to get attention of the visitors. They also provide donation
box in front of the booth, and later the donation will give to people in Aceh, Indonesia.

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